Communicate directly through the calendar

Marketing built for your customer's lifestyle




We live in a new era of customer relationships


The Battle for Attention

Customers are inundated with marketing messages from multiple channels. The demand for messaging that’s timely, helpful and personalized is growing.

A Need for Meaningful Engagement

Across the board, traditional mediums like email and digital ads are becoming less effective.

Shifting Behavior

As time on mobile devices increases, customers’ time with media has become increasingly fragmented.





Calendars: Engage customers in everyday life

People check their calendars an astounding dozen times per day.
Each instance is an opportunity to connect them to your brand.

global calendar usage

links inside calendar events get 100 times more clicks
calendar marketing engagement and retention

people check their calendars 12 times per day

people are 86 percent more likely to take action
calendar marketing guide

How do you use calendars to create a standout customer experience?
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Are Calendars The Next Big Communication Tool?

If you want to stay updated on certain things, nothing beats the calendar. The calendar is the medium that is most closely tied to the physical world... From that perspective, it just makes sense that people are more likely to take action on things that are in their calendar.





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MTV drives more viewers with targeted tune-in reminders

Show Premiere Countdown
Show Premiere Reminder iPhone



FanDuel drives engagement with a personalized calendar for sports fans

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Increased Engagement with Sports Fans





Mountain Dew generates buzz and attendance for its events

Add Event to Calendar through Twitter
Mountain Dew Event on iPhone Calendar



Stitch Fix retains and rewards loyal customers

Sale Announcement Email
Announcement on iPhone Screen



Sony Music builds fanbases and drives album sales

Album Release Calendar
Customize your Calendar Event Message on iPhone Free Add to Calendar button