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Built for developers

Simple, robust APIs that make events a snap

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There's much more to calendars than you ever knew

We're bringing functionality into the calendar that was never possible before with our Smart EventsTM technology

Dynamic Updates
& User Tracking

Push content updates to users in real-time while tracking which events they're clicking, opening, deleting, and sharing on social media

Customizable Push Notifications

Supercharge the usual calendar reminder by fully customizing the message, timing, and even the ringtone

& Geotargeting

Target specific events and promotions by location or user preferences through our personalization and recommendation engine





Feature-packed with everything you need

We handle the hard stuff

Platform integrations, device detection, daylight savings, pushing real-time updates, user management, and more

Notifications that get heard

Customize calendar reminders so they look just like a push notification from a mobile app — set as many as you want!

User engagement tracking

Advanced tracking, just like you'd find anywhere else, now in calendars: opens, clicks, deletions, social shares, and more

Customize & personalize

Create unique feeds for each individual user — we give you granular control over every aspect of the user experience


Multiple locations per event

Whether it's a small gathering, or a large global event held at multiple locations in different timezones, we can handle it all

Auto-adapting timezones

Stop dealing with timezone conversions.
Want an event to be at 12pm local regardless of the user's location? Done!

Geotarget event recipients

Give users their nearest location in a national event, or broadcast a regional event only to users within a specific area

Link shortening & tracking

We automatically create shortlinks for all of your URLs that are then uniquely tracked across all your users


Segment users & events

Group users by behavior, interests, geography, and more and send them batches of events made just for them

Passbook & Google Wallet

Add Passbook or Google Wallet coupons, ticket stubs, loyalty cards, and more directly from the calendar

Globalization made simple

No matter where your users are, we support all languages, time formats,
and device types

Bulk import existing datasources

Easily upload and import from a csv, json, ics, or database dump — enjoy unlimited event data storage on our cloud!




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