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Best-in-class calendar marketing platform


Trusted by 7,000 businesses

From global retailers to TV broadcasters, we help marketers of all industries engage customers and drive action.

Easy-to-use yet robust software

Calendar-based marketing tools, workflow solutions and analytics are built to deliver an amazing user experience.

Dedicated customer support

Customer success is our top priority. Dedicated account managers offer world-class service over phone or email.





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Bring functionality into the calendar
that was never possible before

Powerful, customizable experiences that work with every calendar on any device


  Customized Notifications via the Calendar

Go beyond the default 15-minute "calendar reminder" by personalizing the message and exact time the alert pops up on your users' devices. Mobile notifications can now be sent through an app all your customers already have: their calendar.

  Real-time Updates

Last minute change of venue? Have an updated coupon code? Easily send updates directly to every users' calendar in real-time. Simply edit your event and all the changes are sent out automatically.

  Location-based Targeting

Want to direct all your users to their nearest store location for a national sale? Or limit a regional event to just your city? Eventable's geotargeting makes it all possible.

  Personalized Event Placements

Our recommendation engine identifies consumer personas and picks which of your events are most relevant for each individual.




Ready to start driving action with Eventable?




Industry-leading analytics that
track every action inside the calendar


  Smart EventsTM

Gain insight into how consumers engage with your events inside their calendars by tracking impressions, location, social sharing, and more.

  Audience Segmentation

Group users by behavior, interests, and geography to identify your best performing demographic. Customize and target events to your audience.

  Link Shortening & Tracking

We automatically create shortlinks for all of your URLs and then uniquely track them across all your users.


Eventable Analytics



Ready to start driving action with Eventable?




Event management system

Whether you're a large distributed team or just one person, easily keep track of all your events and promotions with our event management system. Manage all your collaborators and grant them different access permissions in just a few clicks.


Invite additional team members to your account with specific access permissions.


Set user permissions and create approval workflows specific to your organization.


Have multiple departments that you need to manage? Access them all from one place.

Calendar event analytics powered by Smart Events technology





Integrated with the tools you already use

Eventable integrates with over 50 different email & CRM systems, so you can easily share your events in all your existing marketing channels. Accurately track your contacts and their engagement activity across websites and devices.

Eventable Zapier Integration

Sync data between Eventable and over 750 apps with Zapier. Easily import events, send analytics data to your CRM, or send notifications to your team in Slack.
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Eventable API API

Looking for further customizations, syncing with your CRM, or more granular personalization? Our JavaScript and RESTful APIs give you full control over the entire experience. Learn more »