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B2B & Professional Services

B2B companies use Eventable to streamline event management, data syncing and team collaboration — giving you more time to create amazing events.

Eventable lets you easily keep track of your events on-the-go or at your desk. Manage all your collaborators and grant them different access permissions with just a few clicks.

And with over 800 integrations, Eventable makes managing events seamless. Easily import events, send analytics data to your CRM, or send notifications to your team in Slack. When you need assistance, our customer success team is available 24/7.

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Retail & Ecommerce

Retailers use Eventable to engage shoppers and build loyal customers that keep coming back — whether it’s to your site, store, or both.

Eventable lets you track calendar impressions, social media shares, customer locations, and more.

With customers checking their calendars about 15 times per day, you can collect an abundance of data that enables you to optimize every sale and promotion.






Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies use Eventable to drive attendance and tune-in by sending timely reminders.

Whether you’re looking to sell more tickets or gain insight into your top performing events, Eventable allows you to optimize your marketing performance. Target the right customers with advanced segmentation tools and drive action at specific times with custom calendar notifications.

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Hospitality & Services

Services from ride-hailing apps to international hotels use Eventable to address customer needs in particular moments.

Eventable makes your marketing more useful and relevant to customers. Segmentation tools and custom calendar notifications are built to deliver a standout experience.

In an age where customers filter through dozens of emails to find what’s helpful, be more effective with marketing that fits with your customer’s lifestyle.







Schools and universities use Eventable to ensure that students and alumni get useful events on their calendars.

Eventable allows you to provide more personalized and helpful experiences with tailored events for students. This enables you to better assess student engagement and identity areas for improvement.

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Nonprofits & Government

Eventable helps nonprofits make it easy for supporters to keep up with events and contribute to causes.

Even with the best intentions of wanting to make a difference, people often don’t know where to start. By sharing event feeds via Eventable, you can make it easier for supporters to stay informed and take action. Embed our “Add to Calendar” buttons in your marketing channels (websites, email, social media and more) to gain more supporters and stay top-of-mind.



Eventable is, without a doubt, one of the biggest wins for us. The ability to quickly and efficiently communicate our calendar, send reminders, change and update in real-time, and run it all through one easy-to-use website is indispensable to me. Additionally, what really elevates Eventable to being head and shoulders above everyone else is their commitment to providing customer service that is second to none.

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