"Wait, Calendars as a Marketing Channel?!"

Learn how 40,000 businesses are using calendars to communicate with their audiences


We live in a new era of customer relationships

As capturing interest and engagement becomes increasingly difficult in today’s marketing landscape, several companies are noticing how impactful the calendar is in the life of the consumer. In fact, behavioral studies show that consumers are 86% more likely to take action if events are in their calendars.

With over 2.5 billion calendar users worldwide, the potential reach is enormous. By engaging consumers through a medium they check an average of 12 times daily, brands can send timely promotions that drive action to a sale, webinar, workshop, and much more.

As you might’ve guessed, calendars aren’t your typical marketing channel. Unlike traditional media, where people are accustomed to ads, calendars are a much more personal medium. When consumers are adding brands to their calendar, it means they are looking for content that will serve as helpful reminders throughout the day.

In this guide, we'll walk through the basics of calendar marketing and how it's used to create a standout customer experience.

See what's inside:

♦ Why the way we interact with brands has changed for good

♦ The fundamentals of calendar marketing every marketer needs to know

♦ How companies are employing calendar marketing to create timely and personalized messaging

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