Smart "Add to Calendar" for Campaign Master

Drive action through the calendar

Embed Add to Calendar Buttons for your Campaign Master marketing

Embed "Add to Calendar" buttons

Whether you're sending an email or creating a landing page, include customizable “Add to Calendar” buttons. These work with everything from Google to Outlook calendar.

Looking to generate leads or identify your calendar audience? Prompt individuals to enter their email addresses before adding to calendar.



Enrich your contacts

Keep all of your contacts in one place easily. When contacts add to calendar with Eventable, they will be added to Campaign Master.

Automatically enroll them in lists or workflows to be more hands-off and effective.

Add to Calendar buttons for Campaign Master



Tap into the full power of calendar marketing

Go beyond the default 15-minute "calendar reminder" with custom notifications. Edit your message and exact time the alert pops up on your customers' devices.

Need to target your events to different customer segments? Group them by location, behavior, and interests. Track every action inside the calendar. Free Add to Calendar button