"Wait, Calendars as a Marketing Channel?!"

May 4, 2016

With marketers witnessing 100X increases in engagement, it's safe to say calendar marketing is officially taking off.


While capturing consumer interest and engagement is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s landscape, the calendar presents an exciting opportunity for brands to stand out from the crowd.

Calendars by nature are highly engaging. In fact, behavioral studies show that the average consumer is 86% more likely to take action if an event is in their calendar. With over 2.5 billion calendar users worldwide, the potential reach is enormous. By engaging consumers through a medium they check an average of 10 times daily, brands can send timely promotions that drive action to a sale, sports game, workshop, and much more.

calendar usage statistics

But How?

Enter Eventable. Our team at Eventable has built a marketing platform that helps brands leverage the calendar to engage their consumers. Our dynamic “add to calendar” button can be embedded anywhere and has already helped over 3 million people easily add a stream of events in two clicks. We integrate with all calendar platforms on any device — Google Calendar, Outlook, iOS, and more.

Once a consumer adds the events to their calendar, brands can build a relationship by sending ongoing, personalized communications. Through our proprietary “smart events” technology, we bring advanced marketing functionality to an old platform. These include:

  • Dynamic Updates and Geo-targeting - Update content in the subscriber’s calendar in real-time based on their current location.
  • Personalized Calendar Notifications - Utilize custom alerts to send reminders before an event or follow up afterwards.
  • Advanced Analytics - Learn which events are performing the best by tracking in-calendar opens, clicks, social shares, and more.

Whether it’s driving foot traffic to a store, tune-in for a TV show, or pre-orders for a video game, brands can now leverage calendars to drive repeat engagement at specific times.


Why are consumers interacting with brands on their calendars?

As you might’ve guessed, calendars aren’t your typical marketing channel. Unlike traditional media, where people are accustomed to ads, calendars are a much more personal medium. When consumers are adding brands to their calendar, it means they are looking for content that will serve as helpful reminders throughout the day.

One of our core values is ensuring the events that consumers receive in their calendars are tailored to their interests. With trillions of data points on in-calendar engagement, our recommendation engine personalizes, geo-targets, and dynamically updates content for each individual consumer.

With Eventable, brands can achieve amazing results while creating a fantastic user experience. Here are some of the successes we’ve seen:

calendar marketing statistics

We’re just beginning to see the many ways in which the calendar is reshaping how brands and consumers interact. Eventable was started because we were fed up with “spray and pray” campaigns. We created a marketing channel that does two things: 1) drives meaningful engagement for brands and 2) ensures a customized experience for each consumer, while respecting their time.

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