Holiday Marketing Tips That Don't Suck

October 27, 2016

Whether you are a brand, a growing ecommerce company or a small business, improving your marketing strategy for the holidays is one of your top priorities. With the biggest shopping season right around the corner, finding creative marketing solutions is essential to effectively engaging your customers. While marketing campaigns through traditional emails and social media may seem like your best bet, you risk getting buried among all the holiday promotions. Here’s a way to stand out from the crowd—bring your customers closer to your brand this holiday season by tapping into the resource closest to their daily routines: the calendar.


Drive In-Store Foot Traffic

The average consumer is exposed to hundreds of promotions a day and sometimes all your efforts can amount to another advertisement for people to gloss over. If you’re lucky, up to three percent of consumers who see your ad will actually engage with it and make their way to your store. Calendars are the last mile of marketing that help close the loop and get customers through your door. In fact, customers who add to calendar are are 86% more likely to show up to your next event or sale. Leverage the calendar to ensure customers come in on Black Friday and for other holiday events. Maximize your impact with Eventable by sending customized calendar reminders with your store’s directions and hours!


Drive Online Sales and Action

Online and mobile shopping are becoming a dominant force in retail, and it’s now harder than ever to stand out. By linking customers’ calendars directly to your site, you can make it easy for everyone to go straight from a notification on their phone to your website. Eventable integrates with over 50 CRM and email providers so you can get started right away. Promote your holiday online sales through the calendar, and see a 100x lift in click-through rates.


Keep Customers Engaged After The Holiday Season

Don’t simply wave goodbye after the holidays are over! What we marketers really want is to foster strong relationships between customer and brand. By the time next year rolls around, you’ll already have a leg up with the groundwork needed to reach your base effectively. At Eventable, we know that 99% of customers who add to calendar aren’t going anywhere. In fact, less than 1% of customers remove a brand after adding to calendar. This gives you the perfect opportunity to re-engage your customers through the calendar after the holidays. After all, the customers who are continuing to engage with your brand are clearly interested—don’t leave them out in the cold!


Manage All Your Holiday Promotions In One Place

You already have enough to manage this holiday season — stop wasting time updating and emailing Excel spreadsheets. Eventable’s event management system allows you to plan and collaborate on all your promotions in one place. Invite all your teammates and manage permission levels in a few clicks. You can also access your dashboard on the go from any mobile device.


Use Calendar Analytics To Get a Head Start Next Year

Calendars may seem like a simple tool, but they’re a crucial part of our everyday lives. That’s why in-calendar analytics present some of the best opportunities for brands to better understand their audience. Eventable’s SmartEventsTM analytics help you uncover insights on your customers’ preferences, where they are located, and which events resonate with them the most. Finally, you’ll be able to see exactly what is working and what isn’t — so you can be even more prepared in the future!


So there you have it: five ways to #driveaction with the calendar this holiday season. Cut through the noise by reaching people through the calendars they already use everyday. Interested in learning more about how to use calendars this holiday season? Sign up for Eventable and get started with your holiday planning! Free Add to Calendar button