Event Management




Still managing your events with a disjointed combination of spreadsheets and email?

Use Eventable to streamline your processes and manage all your event data in one place.



Strengthen collaboration

Whether you're a large distributed team or just two people, easily keep track of all your events and promotions. Manage your collaborators and grant them different access permissions in just a few clicks.

Share easily

Share your events in all your existing marketing channels: websites, email, social media, ads and mobile apps. Have a series of events to promote? Share an event feed that can be updated at any time. You can also prompt users to enter their email addresses before adding to calendar.

Improve workflows

Manage your events on-the-go with Eventable’s mobile dashboard. Use our Zapier integration to automate tasks, such as syncing event data to your CRM. Leverage our open API to tap into the full potential of calendar communications.